naive self

January 25, 2009

there are just too many things to reflect to regret about.

ive been pacing myself for the last few years but it just occured that my past are always going to inhibit whatever I do, whoever i meet, whatever i say. eventho i tried hard to forget about it there are always those people around me that reminds me of my past.

this year, too many things might/will happen and i thought i was going to be ready for it, but now i dont. i dont want to face college letters, consequences, rejection, denial, hatred, pity laugh, ignorance.

and school just makes everything just worse. teachers, grades, unjustifiable bribery, work, rejection, unforgiving mind, small tiffs, my mind that thinks parents understand where i stand, my naive conjecture. hope second semeter can prove to me that highschool isnt that bad and i am actually worthy of…

one week to reflect and hopefully mature.

Soo Dance Center

December 31, 2008

These Dance videos aren’t that appealing but i wanted to keep a promise that I will one day post my dance videos to an awesome person (=

flvPlayer.swf?vid=xgSSSslmDKQ$ (class i am currently taking)

$flvPlayer.swf?vid=hn2jZ_YrKKg$ (Dance workshop with WILLIE GOMEZ!!)

flvPlayer.swf?vid=6m7hxrCTvsc (class i took a month ago)

flvPlayer.swf?vid=bSDE1e4riEw$(summer class)

Godica Chocolate

December 27, 2008

Godiva Chocolates.

There are no words to explain the richness of taste.
They are so, irresistably good. The way it spreads through
your tongue, and the way it goes down your throat
leaving you with a sweet longing for more. It’s truly a
tantilizing, mouth-watering experience.

Few years ago, my Dad went for 2-week long business trip
to Europe. When he was coming back, he had to get presents
for his collegaues, and he was offered with a suggestion: Godiva
Choclates. So he bought them… 20 boxes of it. He bought 10 of the normal sized ones 5 of the bigger ones and 5 of the ones in the silky black boxes.

He didn’t know the value of these chocolates then, of course,
and he mildly complained about the cost. He was told though, by
a local collegaue there that he bought it relatively cheaper than
other parts of the world.

In any case, he brought the chocolates back to Singapore. Initally, I was expecting something more than just… chocolate. Back then, I never heard of Godiva chocolates and I was upset at the fact that he bought something so… meaningless. My dad kept saying these were “pretty good chocolate” and had”good reputation” in Europe. He didn’t tell me the price then,and despite all the things he tried to tell me, the boxes merely were chocolate to me.

After giving the boxes of chocolate to his colleagues, we had
around 6 boxes left. The first one, we ripped it open and finished
it in a matter of seconds. It was good chocolate (no duh..) Then
we decided to open the more “grand looking” box,
the black and silky box.

The assortment was aestically pleasing, and both my sister
and I started to indulge in it like M&M’s. At times, we would
come across the congac ones, and we would merely spit them
out because it tasted “weird”

So TWO godiva boxes. *went* just like *THAT*

With four boxes remaining, we lost interest in those chocolates
for a while. Then one day, we were in Takashimaya and came
across a godvia store. It looked very pretty and the chocholates
were displayed like expensive jewlery.

Without much thought, we asked the price….

wow… we. were. so. so. shocked…
chocolate.. this expensive?

And from that day on, the four remaining boxes were treated
with utmost care and reverence. The way we opened the boxes
and the way we ate them were almost ceremonious (i dont think
that’s a word..)

Eventually, we ate them all. Like one piece a day kind of thing.
And it was greatly missed…

Then few days ago, we got a godiva box. tee hee
And it is in the process of getting eaten by my family
members. One after another.

My sister an I indulge one every night, treating them like
a nutritious supplement..

I guess the lesson learnt from my Godiva chocolate experience
is appreciation. We are predisposed to appreciate only when
we find their value. We are so economical, actually. We only do
things, appreicate things, when we are sure that it is beneficial
to us. But, sometimes you just need to be more
appreciative of what you are endowed with. Because once you
realize the magnitude of something’s value, you might be just
too late to appreciate it.

4 articles in 4 minutes.

December 13, 2008

Here are exactly 4 articles/sites that you guys should totally check out!

1. How to Curb Gossip

2. Serious eats

3. Tabloid Art

–> Specific pictures of Shvarts’s art project. (May cause distraction)

An aspiring artist, Aliza Shvarts who is a senior at Yale, purposely inseminates herself and undertakes several miscarriages for her art project- that is “creative”- as how she would describe it.

4. How to make Holidays Happy

Britney’s new album

December 4, 2008


I’ve been waiting till this day since last month and it finally came out on Dec 2- Britney’s birthdate.

Bubble TEA from New York Times


November 27, 2008

Would I be punished for saying I hate men?

Disregarding their sense of magical charm and seductive grace, I firmly shout out that, Men are incredibly: selfish, egotistical, ignorant, overbearing. I can’t be more open than this.

To look into a more confined perspective, let’s say over the years, Men have been directing our universe. Us women, only have contributed as a sweet, minute, obedient and sexy-goddess to this universe of ours. This role of ours are explained all too well through our lack of physical strength, which inhibits the glorious power we actually possess. The fact that only 33 female president in total, over the course of history, has been appointed as president/head of state explains it all too well. Even trying to come up with some statistic in a ratio form to show Men vs Women presidency, doesn’t even work.

The sense of superiority of men that our society just accepts and carries along year by year just seems so maddening to me. Some say women don’t have the guts to do the work of a Man’s job just because women don’t carry along the kind of physically strength, Men are innately given; some scientist even say Men have a larger capacity of info storage in the brain compared to Women. Men especially, utilizes this very fact to disregard us Women to a great extent. Us Women on the other hand, timidly accepts these facts and don’t even realize they themselves are nothing more than puppets to Men.

Well, wake up people, these thoughts we have to ourselves are all cynical. Men do have a larger brain, YES, but that is just all genetically passed along and nothing special. If women start to get educated more, later generation women can indeed genetically become smarter.

Thinking about this, I think parenting shouldn’t be done mostly by women. The role of women having to become a stay home parent is a catalyst for things to turn out the way it shouldn’t be. The notion of working parents should be informed more in the near future and Stay- at- home Dads should be a term that should be more widespread around especially in east Asian country.

As for now, all I can wish and hope Ladies out there to hear is that: It’s time for us to switch roles. We are not going just going to sit here and get overpowered. Men are nothing more than lazy a**h****. We can’t let this get in our way.

( I will just assume my language here will be excused.)

Glitter this Christmas

November 20, 2008

“Putting on a sparkly dress for the holidays always brightens your mood. This year you need it.” (New York Times)

This is a perfect mantra us seniors need to put in mind this Christmas season! (:

U know why. x

15 mins of…

November 20, 2008

sometimes, memories are there for us to cherish and embrace our past. Reminding you of the happy moments you had with your loved ones, the cute episodes you had with your families and friends.


Recently, the 15 minutes time I spent on facebook have made me question the validity of the statement above and have also left my heart with one burning question: “what happened.”

First of all, let me just warn you: the wall-to-wall application in facebook, which shows you all the previous conversation you had with a person is undeniably the most ugliest thing ever. It’s just such a ridiculous thing to see especially when you don’t have the same kind of bond you had before with that person. Seriously, if you’re like me, who have gone through so many failed relationships, you may find this too, crazy, confusing and embarrassing.

Upon looking at all your previous conversation with a person, you start asking yourself how this kind of intimate relationship ever existed/ possible. Then these words ache you in the places in your body, you didn’t know you had. It reminds you yet again, how this world appears to be such a cynical place and ourselves, who are born inherently ignorant.

The type of relationship that you had with a person, which is visible through words and letters, is dissipated into thin air within days, months, years.

Words that are typed are pretension and we are just all fooled by the facade of the words we say to each other. Some of those who have relationships that maintain the level of perfection indeed arent.

The point is, I’m embaressed, ashamed…speechless and I only do hope not to have yet another relationship that changes to a great extent(negatively)!


November 19, 2008

If there’s one thing you can do to kill your time on a cold winter holiday is to watch a Bollywood film.

Bollywood films, that are still not universally known, encompass two things; two items that goes hand in hand with each other: Music and dance. To elucidate clearer, its a 3-7 hour musical without intermission.

It’s…well more like High School Musical. The protagonist faces a, “meetcute”(a term coined by Arthur Abbott, Amanda’s neighbor, from The Holiday) then suddenly eyes directly into the audiences and starts a dance act that includes singing and dancing. The dance choreographing is usually a fusion of hip-hop, martial arts and hindu dance that carouses up such an upbeat spirit to us watchers.

Ever since I’ve coincedently come upon a hindu channel at my local hometown at the age of 9, the extravagance and excitement of Hindu films have always attracted my attention. The eye-catching costumes, melo-dramatic story lines and the countless number of background dancers who always somehow seems entertaining no matter how quirky their dance movements translate to us teenagers, all are what makes bollywood movies so fascinating and inevitable to ignore.

Devdas, a movie produced in 2002 starring Aishwarya Rai (“one of the world’s most beautiful lady” People Magazine), is one of the movies I personally love. This story is about two childhood lover’s who tries hard to break the cold war going on between their families. Below here are pictures of the main character, Aishwarya, in two of her dance act.


Bride and Prejudice, is another film that I enjoyed but I guess, this movie can’t be quite so categorized into a Bollywood film. This one rather is fused with a Hollywood. Those who feel too foreign to watch a Bollywood film should go for this short, twee, funny one.

Picture from Bride and Prejudice.

Obama Kids

November 16, 2008

The whole town near the white house have been buzzing about where the two daughters of Mr. Presidents’ will go.

Well, their choices are rather simple.

They might either go to Sidwell Friends School or Georgetown Day School.

Notable parents in both schools are crossing their finger for a possible meet with Michelle Obama during PTA meeting or a choir performance. The Kids too are excited for a possible sleepover with one of those POPULARIZES girls- Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7 at the white house.

Myself being unorthodox and being a complete outsider who will have no impact what-so-ever on Obama’s decision-making, have been researching on the two schools and came up with a clear conclusion: that they should indeed attend Sidwell School since it offers a delightful environment with a diverse student body.

I know, I’m weird.